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Blue Light Blocking Lens Technology | Fashionable Unisex Eye Glasses Frames

Sawyer is imaginative with a passion for the arts.

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Unisex Glasses
  • Anti-Blue Light Lens
  • Grey Tort Frames
  • Square, Round Shape
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • One Size Fits Most: Total Width: 145mm / Bridge: 20mm / Lens Width: 50mm / Height: 50mm / Arm: 145mm


12 Eyewear by Twelve® embodies the spirit of NYC. The grit, charm, originality, diversity, and everything in between is what drives our brand identity. Our team of industry experts — headquartered in the Big Apple — recognizes that a growing number of people are now working from home, staring at their smartphones and laptops at a higher rate than ever. Naturally, this leads to overexposure to screens, which has a negative effect on the eyes. So we took matters into our own hands by providing a much needed solution.


Our Blue-Light filtering, anti-glare, scratch resistant, waterproof lenses shield your eyes and enhance your digital viewing experience. We specialize in high quality lenses that filter/block out harmful blue light rays emanating from digital screens and devices, creating the optimal viewing experience for you! Exposure to blue light rays may lead to macular degeneration, eye strain, migraines, and disruption of sleep cycles. Our anti-glare reflective coating provides scratch resistance, ultra durability, and visual sharpness and clarity to maintain peak performance and stamina. Our flexible spring hinges support high-quality lightweight polycarbonate and copper frames, which greatly reduces pressure on your temples and nose-bridge to help alleviate headaches.


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